1st Progress HOLDS the posting of payments 10 (business) days AFTER it clears from my bank.

If I pay on a Friday, it can take up to 1/2 a month to become available.

In this modern age of EFTs, this is excessive.

I understood holding my first payment... but EVERY MONTH?

IT is unreasonable to have to wait 15 days every month to have my payment clear.

When I call, I have difficulty reaching a person. When I finally reach a person... they won't let me speak to a supervisor.

I am looking for a different card so I can eliminate this one.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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They are gonna go out of business first progress will have a class action lawsuit filed against them due to lying and stealing from customers and holding deposits even when you pay with a guarnteed payment like moneygram and supervisor joe is a liar he work in the payment department lied to me about how long it would take to post moneygram then refused to come to the phone same people anwser piece of *** card


Same here. We had two accounts.

They kept cross posting payments, took months to respond and fix, lost payments often, and hold EFTs not even posting to the account sometimes for weeks after they clear. Not just 10 days. Talk to someone there ??? Does the name Peggy sound familiar?

We finally gave up and closed my wife's account as after a year of perfect payments they declined an increase (after holding loosing and still having the additional $200 now for two months) because she had no so called income (pension and social security don't count I guess). We are still waiting - two months later after written request - for the refund of that money and her original deposit. Account has not been used for three months!

And the website is a real joke. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.


I agree, this is the worst bank I have done business with and man, it cost me. I closed it and of course they hit my credit.

There was not much left of my own money after all their nickel and dime charges. Took three months to get my own money back.



This place is a *** joke. I agree with this guy.

Holding payments gor 10 days. Then when you call about it they hang up on you or transfer you to some redneck who lies about their name. What a terrible company.

I closed my accouny with them and filed a complaint with the BBB. Do the same.

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