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I applied on April 14, 2020 and as of today May 8, 2020 my application is still in review status. I also paid my $200 deposit the same day.

I don't understand why this process is being prolonged. Either I'm approved or not.

Send me my card or refund me my deposit. There is no way to contact First Progress but by mail.

User's recommendation: Don't use the bank they have poor communication.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

First Progress Pros: Build credit.

First Progress Cons: Poor communication and long application process.

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Happened to me too and come to find out I had to call and verify my identity. Did you call them?


You can call them just as I did just 5 minutes ago and I spoke to areal person, about the issue with my card and it was fixed, my card is on its way, call them






i'm leaving this to member here named Lakesha. i'm hoping by now you're getting yours.

I am getting mine only recent 3 short months ago, already getting higher credit score(went up like 44 pts.) appear on my credit Experian report in 21 days or sooner and Trans Union Equifax right at the 30 day mark or so. I hope you're having your credit card, no scam on my end, real card.

I am glad my deposit "secure the credit line,and is my credit line."Doing good with small purchases, nothing big, and raising my increase credit line soon enough. adios.


I think this is a scam. Why intentionally hide your identity from paying customers? Please post any information you find out about the company: contact here on on twitter #ProgressData2021


I am experiencing the same problem! Thought this was a safe process as it was recommended in Credit Karma to establish new credit!


Dealing with the same thing. No way to contact them without an account


Applied for the card back in September, got approved. I have yet to receive my card. It blows my mind that I have to jump through so many hoops just to get a phone number to call.


I called and canceled this it felt unsafe.


Same for me I had to google the customer service number and speak to them and give a address from my credit report and got approved with in minutes


I put a 100 on my security deposit and received my card however i went back a week later to deposit another $50, and I got charged twice for this transaction that they said didn’t go through but came off my card. I called back and received a return of funds for $50 the very next day however now over a week later they are not trying to refund me the second $50 i was charged that never went on my First progress credit card . I have only been a member since September 23 this is absolutely ridiculous.


I've made a 200 dollar deposit about about a month and a half ago. They received the cash now over three weeks I'm waiting for a customer service to approve my status.


I had the same problem call the number listed on this website and they will help u verify identity it literally took like 10 min i jus hope my card actually comes in

@Jessica C Wnw

has it come yet?


Not yet


I just want to say I have gone through them and you didn’t lose that 200 it will be refunded to you they don’t steal money they are just a small company and have really bad customer service and some questionable policy’s that make it hard to apply


Do u have a 180 Number for them


Well, when you are not qualify for business don't go on business thats what I will say about them. Customer service is the front line of every business.

If your customers service is poor you will loose business. No excuses when in business you have to deliver specially when you take people's money upfront.


Well I never applied for the card and its telling me I have and I can't get anyone to call me or no way of calling them

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