I was on Credit karma back in January and I saw First Progress had some good reviews and I saw some bad ones where people waited a long time to receive cards and had trouble making payments because they werent going through due to their process of how they take payments I didnt think much of it at first. So I ordered my card back in January and I kept getting the runaround on my card oh its been destroyed in transit undeliverable driver said no resident, they Kept changing my address to the wrong address. It wasnt until April that I received a card that was destroyed So I waited another month to receive a card by that time I was getting messages that my credit score had dropped due to a payment that was missed but I hadnt received a working car at the time so I called and I tried meeting the annual fee not once not twice but multiple times through the bank through money gram through phone calls and now even money order my credit score is being affected and Waze because their payment methods are working for me and I had And I had good credit before coming to First Progress now saying that my credit has dropped over 200 points just trying to get this annual fee done it has been a real struggle with barely any help in getting the runaround constantly constantlyato receive a

User's recommendation: I’d say be careful with this company and to make it a bit difficult to make payments and to receive a card.

Preferred solution: I would like an A solution to come about seems like I keep hitting dead ends with First Progress. .

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