I just open the account and I have lost my card so I called for a new one and then I ask to make a payment and they told me they can't take payments and then I told them then if its like that how can you cancel people service but not take payment and then he told mo do I want to cancel my account then I told him no and then a week later my card came in the mail and I called to activate it and then I found out they canceled my account but I have made a payment 2 day after they canceled it and then I still haven't got my money back or my payment ether like they told me I would but a month later I still haven't received or heard why i don't have account with them or why or anything *** pore servicaccouwith them i would never send anyone to them nt with

User's recommendation: I would never go to them again or send any one to them.

Location: Middleton, Tennessee

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