I’ve had my first progress secured credit for a year now and everything was fine until I tried opening an additional secured credit card account. First of all I paid for the EXPEDITED service and over a week has passed still no card.

I contacted them for a rep to tell me they don’t show I paid for the expedited service. I proceeded to tell her I have proof from my bank statement that I did pay and the whole amount was taken. She cared nothing about my proof and basically said there was nothing I can do about it but wait because her system doesn’t show I paid. Then proceeded to almost hang up on me.

Very rude! I talked to a second rep a day or so later and told her the situation and she said they would honor my expedited service. To my understanding I’m thinking everything is fine. Few days later I tried using my 1st credit card I have with them DECLINED and there is NO AVAILABLE BALANCE but I should’ve had a full balance available.

So now I call them again and for some reason my account has a hold on it. I call customer service and they told me I have to show proof of identity to release the hold. Why would I need to show proof of identity for MY FIRST CREDIT CARD that I’ve had over a year when I faxed in proof a year before when I initially opened the account? Not only that but they tell me for my second credit card it’s still not processed and I will have to provide proof that I paid for the expedited service.

I’d say NEVER try to open a SECOND account because I’m going through *** Now I can’t even use my first secured card. HUGE MISTAKE trying to rebuild my credit with this company

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